Finer Fields



Co-Retail Benefits

Finer Fields works with our retail partners to provide custom built technology solutions that augment brand selection and sales at co-retail with a singular front of house POS integrated with backend synchronization, fulfillment processes and brand reporting. 

The concept of "discovery + online purchasing" allows customers to discover a brand's collection in-store, or with apparel - offering one piece in each size and shipping the pieces to customers’ homes.

Online brands such as Everlane, have emphasized a high-touch approach at locations across major metros that encourages one-on-one fitting and styling advice while moving the purchasing online for home delivery. The showroom model enables brands to reduce costs, and increase efficiencies by eliminating the need to carry on site inventory. 

Brand Benefits

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● turnkey solution to access physical locations

● payments in real-time

● synchronized inventory and pricing

● grouped with other like-minded brands

● benefit from collective exposure and marketing from all involved brands

● opportunity to engage community


Consumer Benefits

● try or experience before you buy

● free from carrying purchase

● introduction to new and exciting brands

● events/community to learn about new brands

● knowledgeable and friendly sales staff to help

Finer Fields’ contemporary approach to retail allows our co-retail partners to work with brands seamlessly.