Finer Fields




Finer Field's platform and solution for co-retailers serve not only as touch points for POS, consumer mobile and third party brand communication but can also exist with current ecosystems as technology partners. 

Finer Fields delivers a customizable end-to-end solution. Built as a modern software stack, it can be coupled with existing e-commerce platforms and eliminates the need to patch together disparate point of sale solutions. Our platform can integrate with existing e-commerce solutions removing complexity and friction.

Brands can customize many aspects of the Finer Fields platform. For example, brands can connect to on-demand delivery services, payment services, the latest reporting tools, and a host of other configurations. 

With a dedication and belief in co-retail, we help take care of the technical aspects so that our retailer partners can mitigate the need to spend precious resources and time on software development and can focus on building customer loyalty and relationships.