Finer Fields



Co-Retailing Solution

The Finer Fields commerce platform allows co-retailers to showcase a multitude of brands under an umbrella shopping experience. Our custom designed platform allows our co-retail partners to curate brands for consumers to discover and try as a 'showroom' model with 3rd party drop ship, or carry out for local brands or smaller items.

Today's consumers sees no discernible difference between the offline and online world. Shoppers have fundamentally changed their behavior, and retail must transform in order to engage their customers. Our custom purchasing platforms aligns elements to provide 'best of' experiences for consumers to explore, learn and purchase brands within physical retail spaces. 

With purchases, our platform generates automated payments to each respective brand upon fulfillment of a purchase. All customer order details (customer name, email, address) are sent to each respective brand in real-time for drop ship fulfillment. Customers are sent automated digital email receipts.