Finer Fields

Co-Retail Solution

Finer Fields Innovation Lab creates platform technology solutions ushering in the future of retail. 


Shopping Re-Imagined

Shopping Reimagined

One commerce platform that unifies online and local brands around an in-store experience eliminating wholesale. Finer Fields is a showroom commerce platform that helps co-retailers and brands connect with consumers at physical retail.

We are on a mission to change the face of retail through innovative digital solutions for co-retail and experiential retail models. We believe that retail is not dead, it is old, lacking excitement and innovation. Retailers can no longer rely upon simply product and must embrace a world where physical spaces create memorable moments connecting brands with consumers.

Finer Fields is helping to support and drive the broader transformation of the retail industry. Our company vision is to enable co-retailers and brands to focus on what they do best – deliver great products and brand experiences to their customers. We believe that competitive advantage and future revenue growth doesn't come from managing technology infrastructure or developing software. They come from executing on the strategic initiatives that build loyalty and drive business expansion.